Kitchen Necessities


Here is my list of necessary items for the ultimate vegan dream kitchen!


Vita-Mix High Speed Blender

Cuisinart 14 cup Food Processor

Kitchen-Aid Stand Mixer + Pasta Attachment

Cusinart Ice Cream Maker


1-2 Cast Iron Pans

1 Crepe Pan

1 Wok (I recommend ScanPan)

1-2 Nonstick Frying Pans (I recommend ScanPan)

1-2 Stainless Steel Saute Pans (I recommend All-Clad Copper Core)

1 Stainless Steel or Ceramic Saucepan (I recommend All-Clad or Le Creuset)

1 Stainless Steel or Ceramic Stockpot

1 Tea Kettle


2-4 Half Sheet Pans

1 Muffin Pan

1 Loaf Pan

2 Cake Pans

4+ Ceramic Ramekins

1 Pie Dish

Cookie Molds/Cutters

Tools & Everything Else:

Microplane Grater

Citrus Reamer

3+ Sieves or Colanders

1 Salad Spinner

1-2 Thick Wooden Cutting Boards

1 Chef’s Knife (I recommend Shun)

1 Serrated Knife

1 Paring Knife

2+ Wooden Spoons

1 Soup Ladle

2+ Spatulas

Measuring Cups & Spoons

Tupperware (I recommend OXO’s hard plastic tupperware)

5+ Mixing Bowls

1-2 Pyrex Glass Measuring Cups/Bowls

1 Peeler

1 Garlic Roller

Other Stuff:

1-2 Non-slip Gripper Mats (for underneath your cutting board)

Parchment Paper


Nut Milk Bag


I-Pod and/or Pandora or Songza


One thought on “Kitchen Necessities

    […] So, to help brides and grooms to be with their kitchen registries, and in fact, to anyone wanting advice on what to put in their kitchen, I have compiled a list of necessary items here. […]

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